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恆恩服務 (Our Services)

Our service cost is born by service providers and all you need to pay is the actual cost of your selected funeral services and columbarium. You can be rest assured that it is our dedication to serve you at your best interest.

In addition, we are able to offer you with competitive rates upon negotiation on your behalf. We cater for a wide range of religious and cultural background, based on your unique needs and requirement.

我們的代理費由服務供應商負責, 你只需支付訂明之骨灰位價錢及經同意之殯儀費用,而毋須支付服務費給我們。 同時,我們能為您安排更具彈性之折扣優惠。 不論任何宗教,我們都摯誠為您服務:

  • * 一站式全套殯儀服務
  • * 火葬排期服務
  • * 私營骨灰位(中國內地及澳門)
  • * 祖先牌位
  • * 臨時骨灰位
  • * 各種宗教之告別儀式
  • * 協助辦理政府文件
  • * 免費專車接送到骨灰龕塲實地參觀
  • * 免費專業資訊,幫助您作明智抉擇
  • * 免費情緒及心理輔導



Private Columbaria

A columbarium is a place for the respectful storage of cinerary urns. The term columbarium is derived from the Latin Columba, meaning dove, an almost universal symbol of God's love and peace. Depending on your budget, costs for private niche spaces start from about HKD30k. Our columbarium sites are highly accessible and offers a peaceful and dignified space where the cremated remains of loved ones may be laid to rest and cared for in perpetuity.




Temporary Niche Spaces

If you are in the process of applying for government niche spaces, we can arrange short-term or temporary niches for your loved ones, as well as provide up-to-date advice and empathetic support. Our professional directors will be able to communicate and assist effectively throughout these difficult transitions.




Full Funeral Services

Our One-stop funeral services offer a comprehensive range of funeral products from flowers and wreaths, joss paper, and clothes, as well as mourning ritual coordination and transportation. Egrace arranges Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Free Thinker and Taoist funerals. Our products are meticulously selected and professional personnel are there for you throughout the entire process. Our goal is to give you a peace of mind while we handle the funerals respectfully and smoothly from the beginning till the end.

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